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Mobile Meetup: A look at what makes iOS 8 tick! Talentica, Pune

Mobile Meetup The latest MeetUp revolved around the recently released iOS 8 and its direct impact on developers. iOS experts Tarun Sharma and Arvind Morya from Talentica's core Mobile team, took the audience through all the new features that were part of the latest iteration of Apple's iOS. They concentrated on its Adaptive Layout and the newly added Extensibility within the Operating System. Some salient highlights of their session were:

  • • A run through of the new features within iOS 8 like Handoff, HomeKit and App Extensions.
  • • A detailed deep dive into the various types of Application Extensions including its Technical aspects as well as Implementation.
  • • A demo session on 'Today' and Photo Editing Extensions.
  • • Discussion on the need for a Layout system which adapts to the environment its being rendered within.
  • • Concepts that definite Adaptivity such as Size Classes, Traits and Trait Environments.
  • • How the iOS Adaptive View Controller functions, especially its behaviour.
  • • An in depth discussion on the UISplitViewController's behaviour in various trait environments.
  • • A look at the UISplitViewController's Expanding and Collapsing behaviour.
  • • How to create a single Storyboard file for all devices and device orientations.
  • • A look at the new Preview feature within iOS.
  • • How to design and implement adaptive Image Assets, fonts and implement Auto layout constraints.

The session was followed by a healthy discussion fuelled by the visiting MeetUp members. Arvind and Tarun comfortably tackled queries thrown at them by the community members and even explained complex development techniques. An informal gathering , with sponsored snacks for all attendees, wound up the session to enable community members to get to know each other.

The Pune Mobile Developer group is rapidly growing and are already working on the next gathering. Community members were vocal about what they would like to be discussed in future sessions and we even had quite a few members who were keen on presenting. If you would like to become a part of this community, do visit and join the MeetUp Group.