I made a Difference

  • Ratnesh Parihar

    Application Architect

    I like exploring new technologies and prototyping it in order to effective use it. Winning "Microsoft Azure Challenge" in optimum PAAS solution category helped our company to showcase technical expertise in Azure technology.

  • Rahul Dange

    Development Lead

    I guided my team to build a Real-Time-Bidding functionality in the mobile advertising product that we are developing. It makes me really proud to see the cool features we built live in action.

  • Sandesh Deshmane

    Application Architect

    My big data solution helped the customer improve product performance by 5x while reducing infrastructure costs to just 25%

Life at Talentica

  • resource
    Chance to Play a Key Role

    At Talentica we want to make a difference. To be able to contribute to our customer’s products, each of us learn, apply and reinvent every single day. We take up challenges outside our core area. We blog, talk to prospects, participate in events and seminars and suggest marketing ideas.

  • excel
    Become a True Innovator

    Share the excitement of building something new. Dabble with the latest gadgets - from hardware to software, methodologies and approaches. Your job is to evaluate the latest and greatest and recommend the right one to your customer.

  • role
    Transparency- Great Places to Work

    We have been named twice as one of the Great Placed to Work in India. Out of 600 companies we stood out because the Trust Index of employees at Talentica was way higher than the average of India Inc. That tells a lot about how transparent we are!

  • right
    Work in Awesome Atmosphere

    On an Exciting day:Found a great idea for a customer. Come to work. Espresso, Latte, Green Tea. Discuss the idea with team. Back to Desk. Check emails. Work around the new idea. Chat with the customer. Let him know about the new idea. He is wowed. Start implementation of the idea. Time for Lunch. Back again. Idea almost shaping up. Time to send an update to client. End of a sprightly day

    On a Mundane day:At work. Check mails. Lot of emails. Requires urgent attention. Jumpstart work to resolve issues. Brainstorm with team mates over coffee. Everyone back to work. Done with one issue. Team mate reviews and tests. Lunch time. A little more brainstorming over delicious food. Sync-up again at 3. In-house Experts suggest different approaches. Implement ASAP. Almost done. Play TT. Today is a call day. Sent the update. Wait for client’s reply. Order for Pizza. Call done. Issues resolved.

  • transparency
    We are Dynamic and Changing

    We exist for over a decade now. We are changing and growing at speed. If you want to be stable doing the same old things for the next 2 years, we are probably not the right place for you. If you want to be part of Talentica, be ready for high octane 8 hours every day.

Top Contributors

  • Arindam Nayak

  • Farhan Ali Syed

  • Sandeepan Nath

  • Sandesh Deshmane


  • core
    Core Product Development Work

    We don’t take up maintenance projects. Our customers come to us for our technology expertise. We expect everyone to code hands on – even at senior levels.

  • mentor
    Smart set of peers and mentors

    All developers at Talentica are experienced graduates from India’s top 20 engineering colleges – the IITs, NITs and few select colleges. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • resource
    A chance to continuously learn

    Our customers expect us to solve their business problems – scaling to over a billion hits per day, analyzing terabytes of data, and so on. We expect you to continuously keep in touch with the latest in your area of expertise.

  • resource
    Pay for performance

    Once you are part of Talentica, we don’t care how many years of experience you have. Only thing that matters is how you perform. People who excel get rewarded irrespective of their years of experience.




We need innovators who are excited about product development and have the ability to thrive in a competitive environment. If you think you can be one of us, apply at Talentica now.

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